Canvass for Alessandra Biaggi!

Hello DWC,

You all know how important it is that we get the NY State Senate into solidly Democratic hands in November, and I think you also know how terribly important it is that we boot the “former” IDC senators out of office and replace them with progressive, true blue Democrats in a mere seven weeks - the Democratic primary is September 13!!

Most especially, we need to replace Jeff Klein, creator and head of the IDC snake with Alessandra Biaggi!  DWC has met her, endorsed her, raised money for her and petitioned for her.  Now it’s time to canvass!!

Her campaign has put out a call for a blitz on district 34 this weekend, and we need to heed the call!

The TrueBlueNY anti-IDC Coalition, which we are part of, has written a cogent email to all member groups, with this link to sign up for canvassing in the eastern part of the district on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and early evening.  

I will be canvassing Sunday from 3-5 along with some other DWC members. And I could be convinced to go on Saturday too if you want to go then and want company.  If you can join this effort, please sign up here (mentioning that you are with DWC) and send me an email so that we can connect there!  

If you haven’t canvassed before, you should try it!  Now is the time!  The campaign will pair you up with a partner and tell you what to do.  Once you’ve rung two or three doorbells, you will see that it isn’t hard. And you will be a heroine of our democracy. What more do you want out of your weekend???

This is where the rubber meets the road. If we want our adopted candidate Alessandra Biaggi to win this critical primary, we need to show up!  The passage of the Reproductive Health Act, guaranteeing access to abortion services for women in New York, depends on changing who controls the state senate.  This is true as well for many other pieces of common sense progressive legislation that ordinary New Yorkers need to protect or provide affordable housing, reliable transportation, health care for all, decent treatment of immigrants, and LGBTQ rights.

Remember…….. Action is the best antidote to despair!

I hope to see you Sunday.  Bring a friend!

-Joan, DWC Political Action Team, NYC / NY State

Sign up to canvass!