Watch this film, STOP IDC!


One of the most urgent problems in New York politics right now is the Independent Democratic Conference - the IDC.

The IDC is a corrupt group of eight New York State Senators elected as Democrats, who have aligned themselves with Republicans in exchange for perks and personal power, handing majority control of the Senate to Republicans. New York should be leading the fight against Trump.
But the IDC blocks any significant progressive legislation from even reaching the Senate floor - at the expense of New Yorkers who did not know they were voting fake Democrats into office.

Our colleagues at The Creative Resistance, a group of New York writers, designers, art directors and film producers, have created  “Lulu Land,” with
Edie Falco in voiceover that explains who the IDC are, who’s paying them,
and how we can vote the IDC out and turn New York State back from red to blue!

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