Canvass for Alessandra Biaggi!

Hello DWC,

You all know how important it is that we get the NY State Senate into solidly Democratic hands in November, and I think you also know how terribly important it is that we boot the “former” IDC senators out of office and replace them with progressive, true blue Democrats in a mere seven weeks - the Democratic primary is September 13!!

Most especially, we need to replace Jeff Klein, creator and head of the IDC snake with Alessandra Biaggi!  DWC has met her, endorsed her, raised money for her and petitioned for her.  Now it’s time to canvass!!

Her campaign has put out a call for a blitz on district 34 this weekend, and we need to heed the call!

The TrueBlueNY anti-IDC Coalition, which we are part of, has written a cogent email to all member groups, with this link to sign up for canvassing in the eastern part of the district on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and early evening.  

I will be canvassing Sunday from 3-5 along with some other DWC members. And I could be convinced to go on Saturday too if you want to go then and want company.  If you can join this effort, please sign up here (mentioning that you are with DWC) and send me an email so that we can connect there!  

If you haven’t canvassed before, you should try it!  Now is the time!  The campaign will pair you up with a partner and tell you what to do.  Once you’ve rung two or three doorbells, you will see that it isn’t hard. And you will be a heroine of our democracy. What more do you want out of your weekend???

This is where the rubber meets the road. If we want our adopted candidate Alessandra Biaggi to win this critical primary, we need to show up!  The passage of the Reproductive Health Act, guaranteeing access to abortion services for women in New York, depends on changing who controls the state senate.  This is true as well for many other pieces of common sense progressive legislation that ordinary New Yorkers need to protect or provide affordable housing, reliable transportation, health care for all, decent treatment of immigrants, and LGBTQ rights.

Remember…….. Action is the best antidote to despair!

I hope to see you Sunday.  Bring a friend!

-Joan, DWC Political Action Team, NYC / NY State

Sign up to canvass!

National Day of Action to Fight for Families

Dear Sisters,

DWC is joining the National Day of Action to Fight for Families this Saturday to demand that Donald Trump and his administration end Family Detention.

Saturday, June 30
10am at Foley Square
111 Worth St


Families and children and are welcome. This will be a permitted event. Details are currently being finalized, so please be patient with the organizing team.

There will be a rally at Foley Square at 10am and then we will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Plaza.

Please contact Becky if you have any questions. More information here.

In Solidarity, 


Dear Sisters,
As women, as mothers, as daughters, as HUMAN BEINGS, we must respond to the crisis at our border.
Here are 3 things to do:

1. Donate.

Puente Arizona is a grassroots organization working with migrant families to stop deportations and assist legal cases. Puente AZ is currently on the ground in Texas at the tender age facilities.
Donate HERE
RAICES is the largest immigration nonprofit in Texas offering free and low-cost legal services to immigrant children and families. 
Donate HERE
Act Blue has aggregated many groups HERE including the ACLU, The Florence Project, Womens Refugee Commission, etc. Donate HERE
2. Call your elected officials. This is the Senate and House of Representatives switchboard line: (202) 224-3121

3. Show up. DWC is joining the Families Belong Together national movement happening on June 30. More details to come. 

In solidarity,

Queens Petitioning for Jessica Ramos

Sun, Jun 10, 2018 10:30am - 1:30pm

Please join us to collect signatures for Jessica Ramos in Jackson Heights, Queens this Sunday! This is one of the most important things we as New Yorkers can do for the Democratic process. The very fact that candidates are required to do this in New York State is a form of electoral suppression, one that we can actively combat by ensuring that "true blue" Democrats (and *not* members of the IDC) are elected to the State Senate. It's a very simple process: you go in pairs to knock on the doors of registered Democrats and ask for their signature to help ensure that Jessica's name appears on the ballot in the primary in September. There will be a short training the day of, and Jessica's field office will provide all the materials we need. We just need the womanpower (or manpower! Men definitely welcome too) to do the knocking. We have 7 out of 10 spots remaining, and can arrange carpooling or coordinated transportation from the city and back. Contact if you're available to come out and support Jessica!

Rally for Our Reproductive Health - #NoGagRule!

City Hall Park - Broadway Sidewalk
Thursday, May 24, 6-8pm
6:00-8:00 pm

The Trump-Pence Administration has announced that it will impose new rules that are designed to make it impossible for patients to get birth control or preventive care from reproductive health care providers like Planned Parenthood, and others that provide medically accurate sexual and reproductive health care services. 

Under this rule "domestic gag rule,” doctors, nurses, hospitals, and community health centers across the United States could no longer provide abortion or refer their patients for safe, legal abortion if they want to continue to receive Title X funding. It removes the guarantee that patients are getting full and accurate information about their health care from a doctor. 

Join Planned Parenthood of New York City to speak out against this dangerous policy and demand access to the full range of reproductive health care and services we all need to lead healthy, empowered lives!

More info here

Vigil for Stephon Clark


On the 50th Anniversary of Martin King Luther Jr.’s Assassination, Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, starting at 6:30pm, Justice League New York and other allying organizations will hold a solidarity action in Union Square.

A vigil will be held to honor and uplift Martin King Luther King Jr., Stephon Clark and many others who were all victims of gun assassinations. We hope all New Yorkers, including the many who have lost loved ones to gun violence will attend. Join the conversation on social media with #StolenDreams and #MLK50.

DWC will gather at 6:15pm on the northeast corner of Park Ave S and 17th Street, at the northeast side of Union Square Park. Please RSVP here.

In solidarity, 

More information here.

We Are Marching!

Hello Sisters,

Come march with us! 

We will meet at the fountain at Lincoln Center, between 10-10:30 AM on Saturday, January 20. We will leave for the rally entrance at 64th and Central Park West promptly at 10:30.

Let us know if you can join us!  Friends and family welcome!

See you Saturday!



Your personal safety is paramount.
For this reason, when attending any rally, it’s wise never to go alone. Bring as little as possible: photo ID,small amount of cash, credit card, fully charged cell phone, and 2-3 emergency contacts written on paper in case your phone is lost. Leave your bag at home. 


DWC supports Calina Rivera!

Sisters —

Downtown Women for Change proudly endorses Carlina Rivera,
a pro-choice progressive Democrat candidate for City Council in District 2.

Carlina is a lifelong resident of the Lower East Side who has been active in community issues since she was a teenager. She has been an organizer at the tenant organization GOLES (Good Old Lower East Side), served on the East Village’s Community Board 3, and was legislative director for City Councilmember Rosie Mendez, who currently represents District 2.

She is dedicated to making our streets safer and our transit system better by improving pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure. She supports rezoning for the area south of the proposed “tech hub” on E. 14th Street and the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.
The dozens of endorsements she has already received—from publications, politicians, unions, advocacy organizations, Democratic clubs, and individual leaders— indicate the strong working relationships she has established over many years.

You can learn more about Carlina here.

Why is this race important? 
Right now there are only 13 women in the 51-member City Council, and that number could DROP due to term limits. We NEED candidates like Carlina Rivera in New York City. We NEED to be active at the local level and to GET OUT THE VOTE in just two weeks (Tuesday, November 7, is Election Day) to protect women and all of us in New York City.

In solidarity & hope, 
Elinor Nauen, co-chair, DWC Political Action Team

Watch this film, STOP IDC!


One of the most urgent problems in New York politics right now is the Independent Democratic Conference - the IDC.

The IDC is a corrupt group of eight New York State Senators elected as Democrats, who have aligned themselves with Republicans in exchange for perks and personal power, handing majority control of the Senate to Republicans. New York should be leading the fight against Trump.
But the IDC blocks any significant progressive legislation from even reaching the Senate floor - at the expense of New Yorkers who did not know they were voting fake Democrats into office.

Our colleagues at The Creative Resistance, a group of New York writers, designers, art directors and film producers, have created  “Lulu Land,” with
Edie Falco in voiceover that explains who the IDC are, who’s paying them,
and how we can vote the IDC out and turn New York State back from red to blue!

Please watch, share, and donate !


Spanish Language video & information:   
Creative Resistance Website
Spanish sample email


NY19 Votes FALL CANVASS throughout US Congressional district NYDistrict19 (Hudson Valley & Catskills):Sunday, September 24, 1-6 pm

NY19 Votes has been training canvass volunteers across the district, including people who live in the city.  There have been three canvasses thus far in 2017, and another one is coming up on Sunday, September 24, 1:00-6:00 (



• The President and his Congressional cronies aren’t nearly done slashing health care protections, and are especially vicious when aiming at women’s health care.

• We have a big fight ahead for that, but right now, we have BARELY 3 WEEKS to focus on NYS.
Even though the NYS Senate technically has a Democratic majority,
8 of those so-called “Democrats” are actually “Independent Democrats”
voting as Republicans.
We cannot take a single vote for granted, and must work to get this bill
passed NOW.


• Our state legislature session ends on June 21, so we have to act quickly
to pressure them into passing the NYS Reproductive Health Act.

The people behind have come up with some wonderful
and easy-to-use info, including a calendar for phone calls and suggested scripts.
Download their colorful calendar and find more links below.
In fact, we recommend browsing their entire site - it's clear, concise and
ever so helpful.

Click to go to their calendar page:


• Calendar
• Target list            
• Find my Senator              
• Mailing list and downloadable postcards