Our goal is to find common ground with people we disagree with. Possible activities:

* Training — Many of us felt that we (and all of DWC) could benefit from trainings on “civil discourse.” There are many organizations that are laying the foundations for civil discourse about the new administration.

* Reading — We can get a head start at "understanding the other side" through reading/listening to one or two articles/shows per week that are outside of our normal media.

* Starting the Conversation — For those of us who are ready to go out there and have the conversation, determining how to do so and deciding what we are going to say. (ex: coming up with a few questions to get the conversation started).


One Party, Different Voices: Constructive Dialogue on the Divides within the Democratic Party

Downtown Women for Change hosts a discussion with: 
David Pollak, Former NYS Democratic Party Co-Chair, Current Member
Brette McSweeney, Director, Eleanor’s Legacy
Carter Turner, Former Chair, Roanoke County VA Democratic Committee
Comedian/Political Talk Show Host Sam Seder from ‘The Majority Report’ Podcast

Join us for an evening of conversation!
Monday, June 26,   7:00 – 9:00PM
121 Wooster St 6R NY, NY

The recent unprecedented activism of citizens across the country has brought a groundswell of support for the Democratic party. But after a bitterly divisive primary race in 2016, many feel that the party is failing to adjust quickly enough to the shifting perspectives of the electorate, allowing internal disagreements to stymie its attempts to unify. Our interest in common ground leads us to ask deeper questions:

  • What is the nature of the discord between former Clinton and Sanders supporters?
  • How do we align a diversity of perspectives on tough issues, like abortion and gun rights?
  • What role will women have in the future of the party?
  • As grassroots activists, how can we respond to the needs of urban progressives and rural moderates at the same time without alienating either group?

Join us for a discussion with David Pollak, Vice President of the DNC's National Ethnic Coordinating Council, the former Co-Chair of the NYS Democratic Party; former Democratic Party Regional Chair Carter Turner from Roanoke VA, a blue dot hidden deep inside the red territory of rural Appalachia; and Brette McSweeney, who is leading the effort to put more women into politics in NY as Director of Eleanor’s Legacy. Sam Seder, who has interviewed many of the most important figures in politics today will help our panelists share their unique perspectives on what unites us, what divides us, and what we can do as individuals to help forge a new common ground for the Democratic party. Don’t miss what is sure to be an enlightening and engaging evening.