Great work, sisters! We have well surpassed our initial goal of $500 to become a Supporter of Access for this year's Summer, Sex & Spirits on June 27th, the annual fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of New York City, thrown by PPNYC's volunteer Activist Council. The two VIP tickets that are part of that sponsorship package will be raffled off to people who contributed so far at the DWC meeting on the 23rd.

Let's do even better! To make sure that PPNYC is able to continue doing its great work for New Yorkers seeking healthcare, let's aim to reach the next level of sponsorship: Advocate for Justice. We're already at $705, so with another $295, we will add another 3 VIP tickets to be raffled off. (Members who have already donated will be included in future raffles, if we get there!) Join the DWC Sponsorship here.

Our current primary focus is to pass the Reproductive Health Act, a bill that has been repeatedly passed by the State Assembly for years, but never by the Senate, despite a technical Democratic majority. In 2017, the RHA has already passed the Assembly and is in committee in the State Senate (i.e. not even on the calendar yet). Please take action immediately to support Planned Parenthood of New York City's petition to pressure NYS Senators to take up the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act. Sign now!

Despite the impression of New York as a utopian haven for reproductive rights, our current protections are less powerful than those set forth in Roe v. Wade. Because of the threat this administration presents to that landmark case, it is crucial that our state have additional protections in place.

Although Governor Cuomo has expressed support for reproductive healthcare, we must keep pressure on him to remain focused on this issue and to leverage his ability to likewise pressure the State Senate to act on this bill. Additionally, there is a weekly rally outside of Governor Cuomo's office to act as a constant reminder that we will not be silent. If you have the ability to be present on occasion or as a regular presence, we urge you to do so. [A template letter to the Governor will be added below soon.]

Similarly, we must as individual constituents hold our Representatives and Senators accountable for their actions when they supposedly speak on our behalf. Because this bill consistently passes the Assembly, we need to communicate with our Senators to demand they bring it to the floor there. Of course, if you have the bandwidth to also thank your Assemblymember (assuming they voted for it), please do so! [A template letter to State Senate members will be added below soon.]

Part of the failure of the State Senate to recognize the urgency of passing the RHA can be attributed to a lack of awareness within the general population of New York, especially City, about how we are constantly affected by the legislation already in place in the State and Nation around reproductive healthcare. To that end, we also encourage DWC members to begin writing letters to editors when needed. Specifically, because so much conversation often focuses on the objection to the use of Federal taxes to pay for abortion, we highlight the lack of corresponding discussion of the 1976 Hyde Amendment.