New York City / New York State Team


To effect positive change in New York State and New York City through the political process.


  • Improve our local political literacy — by attending town halls, political club meetings, community board meetings, following local issues in the media, and signing up for local political campaigns.
  • Elect more progressive, pro-choice, Democratic women to city and state office —  by working to elect Marjorie Velazquez in the 2017 City Council primary for the 13th Council district.
  • Make DWC voices heard on the issues that come before our representatives in NYC and Albany — by hosting monthly postcard evenings with cards, stamps, scripts, addresses, wine and company provided.
  • Increase the number of Democrats in the NY delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives — by joining forces with other grassroots groups to register more Democrats to vote and to campaign for Democratic candidates and flip House Districts 19 and 1 from red to blue.