DWC Newsletter #9: NeoNazis


A few weeks ago, it seemed premature to discuss the hate movement propelling the new administration.  Now, however, it seems unavoidable
and overdue. 
Those who believe this is an overreaction are not paying close enough

It’s no secret that incidents of hate crimes began increasing pyramidically
within hours of the election;  Trump’s victory gave a nod of approval
to those who had managed to keep their hatred under the surface.

Comparisons with the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany have been made by many;  they often sound melodramatic and alarmist, but they are becoming incontrovertible.    
This is a huge and complicated matter - one which, sadly, protests and rallies are not likely to do much to abate.

“We knew it might take five or ten or twenty years, yet gradually an authoritarian state arose within the democratic state, and a nucleus of fanatical devotion and ruthless determination formed in a wretched world that lacked basic convictions. Only one danger could have jeopardized this development ... if they had from the first day annihilated with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.” 
— Adolf Hitler, Die Reden Hitlers am Reichsparteitag (1934 collection of speeches delivered by Hitler at Nuremberg).

While our new president is known for not being a “book reader” (one recent report claims he reads at a fourth grade level), one book he kept by his bedside, according to his first wife Ivana, was - perhaps still is - a compilation
of Hitler’s speeches.     After The Gold Rush

A NYT article from 1922 proclaims a “new popular idol rises in Bavaria”.  
A mere two years later, he “was no longer to be feared.  It is believed he will retire to private life and return to Austria”.    Hindsight is always 20/20. 

Other articles of the time refer to the man and his “unshakable logic of his construction or in his powers of conviction”.
A summary of and links to these articles from almost 100 years ago may be found here:

An increasing number of people have no doubt that what we are seeing now mimics closely what Hitler’s early rise to power looked like.   
How this comparison holds up in five or ten years is up to us.

Brief history of Hitler's Riser to Power

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  (Maya Angelou)

This WWII Military Strategy Perfectly Explains What Trump Is Doing to the Media
He’s making it difficult to pick out the signal from the noise.

Nazis Once Published List of Jewish Crimes, Trump Now Pushing to Do the Same for Immigrant Crimes

This Week in Hate
The NYT editorial board has been tracking hate crimes and harassment around the country since the election of Donald Trump.  Here is an index to these articles:      https://www.nytimes.com/column/this-week-in-hate