Gun Violence is a Women's Issue

There’s a long history of white male support over gun rights being connected to anger and fears over gains for women and people of color. 
– Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

Please join us for the next DWC meeting:
Monday, April 23, 7pm
Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow St

Our panelists:

City Councilmember Carlina Rivera represents the 2nd Council District. She was elected to office in 2017 – DWC campaigned for her! – with 83% of the vote, and has established herself as a leader on many issues, including affordability, preservation, open space, resiliency, education equality, and small business survival. Carlina is strong supporter of gun control laws that will keep our schools and streets safe, including an expansion of the SAFE Act and stronger laws at the federal level.

Jacqueline Bediako, M.S., BSBA, is an organizer, writer, behavior analyst and educator. Her writing focuses on black feminism, education, immigration, and race. She is an organizer with the New York City chapter of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.
Sarah Friedmann is a writer and researcher specializing in human rights, international affairs, security, and public policy, with a particular focus on women’s issues. She holds a Master of Science (MS) in Foreign Service and a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.
We first heard Yolanda McNair, at the Women’s Conference in Detroit this year. She is the co-founder of Protect Our Stolen Treasures. Yolanda lost her daughter, Adaisha Miller, to gun violence and started this small foundation to pay for the coffins and funeral expenses of other children who are victims.  

Victims of gun violence are our neighbors, our children, ourselves.