What happened at the DWC Meeting

Dear Sisters,
Thank you to everyone who came out and spread the word about last Tuesday's autumn kick-off meeting! We had an incredible panel, opened for and moderated by Lizz Winstead who shared hilarious and poignant stories of her experiences as a recipient of reproductive healthcare and her journey as an activist. In particular, Lizz highlighted Lady Parts Justice's work to expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers, anti-choice operations that often co-opt the appearance of a well-known care provider to give misleading (at best) and completely false (more likely) information to people seeking reproductive care options.
Moving into our panel with Senator Liz Krueger of New York City's 28th District, Kelli Owens from the Governor's office, and Emily Kadar from the National Institute for Reproductive Health, we had the opportunity to revisit topics familiar to some and new to others, laying a shared foundation covering:

  • The Reproductive Health Act and its importance to access to care in New York State (and for people traveling here for help)
  • The interference of the Independent Democratic Conference and opportunities to call them out for their disingenuous practices (in particular, Senator Krueger shared that they have, as part of their deal with Senate Republicans, the ability to bring any one bill to the floor once per day, which they have never done for the RHA, despite theoretically all being co-sponsors of the bill)
  • Five “marginally Republican” and possibly flippable NY State Senate districts in the Lower Hudson Valley and North Shore of Long Island
  • And further afield, the two vulnerable red US Congressional seats held by Faso and Zeldin (that NY PAT has begun working to turn blue) in District 19 (Catskills and Upper Hudson Valley) and District 1 (North and South Forks of Long Island)

We were also able to celebrate Kelli Owens' birthday, which she spent with us!
Coming up, please stay tuned to DWC emails and our Facebook page for updates on our participation in:

  • The Women's Convention in Detroit and Sister activities here in New York
  • Our Political Action Team's and Eleanor's Legacy's efforts to elect more women in local and state races
  • Turnout New York voters - only 14% of registered voters participated in this fall's primary election, which sends a message that we are not paying attention!

Thank you as always for your continued efforts in this marathon. It's been a long road since November, and we have a lot further to go: your passion and compassion are what it will take to keep making steps forward!
In solidarity,
Rie, Alex and Gena

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