Political Action Team Summer Update

Welcome to summer! The heat is warming up our teams & actions. Lots here to get involved with—see you soon! 

If you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by all that remains to be done, please read "First, Let’s Talk About Jon Ossoff” below. 

In solidarity & hope, 
Elinor & Sharon 

Marjorie Velazquez for City Council
Eva and Daria have been up in the east Bronx canvassing with Marjorie Velazquez’s city council primary campaign. They are on the ground, making change!  AND getting real political campaign experience. Time is of the essence - Marjorie has until July 16 to get enough signatures to get on the ballot. 

NY District 19 (upstate)
NY19Votes has a Summer Canvass scheduled for Sunday July 23 to strategize about voting out the horrible John Faso. Note that some of what’s coming up includes a phone bank (the first one is July 12)- no travel necessary.  

Battleground States
First, Let’s Talk About Jon Ossoff
There's plenty out there to read about Tuesday's election, some of it overblown and some of it painfully true, but nothing changes this fact: GEORGIA IS NOT, NEVER WAS, AND LIKELY NEVER WILL BE A BATTLEGROUND STATE. The Dems saw the demographics of the district as a real opportunity in a Special Election, and they were very close to being right about that. But in our minds, the biggest mistake made (and we made it, too) was touting the race as the end-all precedent for the other races around the country leading into 2018. We began our work with the Ossoff election because every major org was doing it and it felt right at the time. But since then, and moving forward, DWC BATTLEGROUND TEAM  WILL ONLY SUPPORT BATTLEGROUND STATES! We are confident that the other candidates we're supporting are excellent bets for November 2017 and beyond, and supporting these races is how we are going to reclaim our democracy.

July Candidate
We have chosen former Vietnamese refugee Kathy Tran for Virginia District 42 as our next profile candidate and we'll be including a video of her when we send out our profile. Her story is very inspiring. Stay tuned on some exciting ways we are looking into to present Kathy personally to DWC.

Big Battleground Event in September
We have aligned with a group of New Yorkers (from NY, not VA!) called NY4VA.org and are planning a large event/party for VA candidates in September. Last week we partnered with them on an event for our June candidate, Cheryl Turpin, and we made $16K and counting! She gave a rousing speech and everyone left feeling energized and hopeful. If you missed your opportunity, you can still donate here.

Eleanor's Legacy
Alex and Daria were invited by Brette McSweeney of Eleanor's Legacy to get an update from Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul on her work for our state on pay disparity, paid family leave, a tech workforce task force, and the centennial of suffrage in New York.

Reproductive Rights and Justice
Members of the Reproductive Rights and Justice Team traveled to Albany to meet with Senate staffers about getting the RHA passed. They met with Brad Usher (Chief of Staff for Senator Liz Krueger), John Banville (Director of Operations for Senator Elaine Phillips), Angel Vasquez (Chief Staff for Senator Marisol Alcantara), Shelley Andrews (Head Counsel to the IDC for Senator Jeff Klein), Kelli Owens (Director of Women's Affairs, Executive Chamber), and Senator Patrick Gallivan and delivered literature regarding DWC's call for support for the RHA and CCCA to the offices of Senator Valesky and Senator Savino.