The Language of the new Administration

They use hateful language, and tell us we’re not hearing what we think we’re hearing.  We must pay very close attention to their actions, but we absolutely must also hear their words which are often loaded with meaning and history with which many of us are unfamiliar.

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You may need a shower after clicking on David Duke’s site …
(another person referring to himself in the third person)
Dr. David Duke “Trump Inauguration Speech Declares War on the Neocons & Promotes Our Slogan “America First!”
“We couldn’t have asked for more in Trump’s Inauguration Speech! “

Here’s why Neo-Nazis are praising Ann Coulter’s ‘14’ tweet  
fans immediately responded to her tweet with an "88," which means “HH” and is code for “Heil Hitler” …

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The new president’s divisive Inaugural Address profoundly underscores the importance of language in our society.

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