Taking Action


As we trudge toward week 3 of the new administration, the mind continues to reel. And yet, almost certainly, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Articles on last week’s “entry restrictions” could fill many of these newsletters; they are not included here, since presumably you are readingand watching as much (fact based!) media and staying as up-to-date as possible on the latest Executive Orders, appointee hearings, crazy-making news conferences, etc.

Many believe that the executive orders are only the tip of the iceberg - so called “shock events’, intended to distract from even more dastardly edicts.   We must not let down our guard for one minute!

Trump's travel ban bears the hallmarks of historic 'shock events’; don't let it fool you

Keep track of how Senators voted on the confirmation of Trump appointees, with convenient links for each Senator’s contact information.

The Snake
“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”
Donald Trump has only been president for 10 days. But he has shown that his administration will combine the worst ideas of his campaign with the worst aspects of his temperament. 
A long but fascinating if terrifying look at the man who is fulfilling his worst campaign promises and so much more.

How Progressives Are Forcing Senate Democrats Into Action
Lawmakers wanted to choose their battles against Trump’s Cabinet nominees carefully, but activists have a different plan: Fight them all.

Protest Calendar
Partial event calendar of NYC protests, political actions, protests, demonstrations, workshops, organizing trainings, and planning meetings. Attend, act, and create social change!

#ResistTrumpTuesdays - A New Lunchtime Tradition?
In the first of what demonstrators promise will be a regular Tuesday lunchtime activity, New Yorkers came out … [to] Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand’s New York district offices at 780 3rd Avenue to demand that they oppose Trump’s cabinet nominees—all of them. Click here for Facebook page.

Please prepare your heart, mind and schedule to protest often

Your personal safety is paramount.
For that reason, when attending any rally, it’s wise never to go alone.
Bring as little as possible: photo ID, small amount of cash, credit card, fully charged cell phone, and 2-3 emergency contacts written on paper in case your phone is lost. Leave your bag at home.

Hopefully all future rallies will continue be calm and peaceful, but things can get out of control quickly and without notice. And as our rallies become larger and more frequent, the chances of outside agitators (whose sole aim is to turn a peaceful demonstration into a violent one) increase.