Run, Baby, Run!

Our heads spin with the daily assaults on our citizenry and our democracy.

A particularly potent recent stretch of days continues to grab our attention:

Monday: We learn that President Obama had warned him not to hire Flynn.
Tuesday: He fires Comey, who learns about it on TV in front of a group of would-be FBI recruits.   Can you say "cover up" ?
Wednesday:  He meets with Russian government officials, including at least one accused spy.   The only media allowed in the Oval Office are TASS,
owned by the Russian government.
Thursday: After a variety of denials by his surrogates, and referring to himself
in the third person, he tells Lester Holt that in fact he fired Comey specifically because of the FBI investigation into his administration's ties to Russia.
Friday: Threatens Comey with alleged secret tapes of their conversation.
Saturday: Staff begins interviewing replacement FBI director candidates.

Monday: It was revealed he shared highly classified info with the Russians.
Tuesday: We learn he had asked Comey to shut down Flynn investigation,
inviting questions of obstruction of justice.
Wednesday:  Russians imply they have records of last week's meeting, begging the question: Did they have hidden recording devices in the
Oval Office?
Today: Special Counsel named to oversee Russia probe - just in time
to make it onto the evening news.

NOTE:  This is not a newsletter about impeachment - that one will come
soon enough - this is about taking back our government.

• "What do Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders think
a president may say or do and still deserve their enthusiastic support? "
Congressional Republican’s Guide to Presidential Behavior (NY Times)

• "The morally bankrupt crowd running today’s G.O.P. are getting their way not because they have better arguments… but because they have power and are not afraid to use it, no matter what the polls say. And they will use that power to cut taxes for wealthy people, strip health care from poor people and turn climate policy over to the fossil fuel industry until someone else checks that power by getting a majority in the House or the Senate.

"That’s why there are just two choices now: chicken or fish — a Democratic-controlled House or Senate that can at least deter Trump for his last two years, or four years of an out-of-control president. This G.O.P. is not going to impeach him; forget that fantasy. Either Democrats get a lever of power, or we’re stuck emailing each other “S.N.L.” skits.

"So, I repeat: Run as, raise money for or register someone to vote for a Democrat or independent running for House or Senate on Nov. 6, 2018.Nothing else matters."   Thomas Freedman, New York Times

• “Nobody is being excluded because of gender,” says Mitch McConnell
as the House passes a health care bill - written by the all-male committee - 
giving states the option to drop pregnancy and maternity care from required insurance coverage.  (New York Times)


If you don’t have a seat at the table, 

you are probably on the menu.

What if we treated great female scientists like they were stars?
(GE commercial) 

Cleary,  no experience is necessary to run for office or to serve in government, so why not consider running?  
We especially need smart, capable women in public office.
Those of us who are not willing or able to run for office should at least
be supporting those with the courage to enter local and national politics.

• As scientists erupt in protest, a volcanologist runs for Congress  (Washington Post)

• Democrats partner with political newcomers aiming to create anti-Trump wave in 2018 midterms (Washington Post) 

We've got a lot of work to do, and we cannot afford the luxury of burnout.
In addition to the entire Congress being up for reelection - and hopefully replacement in many instances - in 2018, there are also 33 Senators and
14 governors up for reelection next year.

More urgently, perhaps, there are also several special elections being held
this year.

• If Democrats don’t win one of three upcoming special elections,
how can they take back the majority in 2018?
   (Washington Post)

If current events don't scare you into action, wrap your brain
around this:          Republicans are just 2 state legislatures away
from being able to call a Constitutional Convention.

Republicans control both chambers in 32 states.  If they gain control
of 34 state legislatures, they can call a Constitutional Convention to
amend the Constitution.  This is an unimaginable threat to everything
we believe in, especially with the current administration in place.

There are many battleground campaigns needing our support in the next few months.  See our recent recommendations, and watch for June's candidate.

PAT top pick for March: John Ossoff (Georgia)
(after months of a strong lead, currently struggling in a dead heat just weeks away from the election on June 20)
PAT top pick for April: Chris Hurst (Virginia)
PAT top pick for May: Wendy Gooditis (Virginia)

Watch for Facebook Live with Wendy Gooditis (invitation to come)