DWC is committed to helping victims of bias or hate crime from all walks of life and are developing an Anti-Hate / Tolerance Building Campaign to provide user-friendly educational tools to both victims and witnesses of bias or hate crimes. The first of these tools is a Wallet Card designed to provide information for both Victims of a bias or hate crime with critical agencies that can help, and provide a Witness of a crime with ways they can help in the moment as well as how to report what they have seen.

Our objective is to create a safer, more inclusive community through education tools, mobile communications, and public service messaging.

Some of the tools and messaging we are creating.

Pocket Cards: These pocket-size, laminated cards provide clear and actionable instructions to assist someone who is a victim of a BIAS harassment (should someone choose to). 

Public Service Campaign:  Our dream is to wrap a subway car (or similar high impact area) with beautiful and powerful signage promoting inclusion and diversity acceptance.

Playing Cards:  Educational in nature, the card idea is a way to teach children or adults about inclusion, diversity acceptance and perhaps civility.  They will feature striking art that adults, as well as children, will admire.